Fitting truck tyres on the road can be difficult, and even dangerous. Making sure that this procedure can be carried out to a high standard, efficiently and safely should be your utmost priority. This is why React Road Safety provide high quality roadside truck tyre fitting courses across the UK. So that you can rest assured that you or your employees can be safe if they end up in a position with no choice but to change a truck tyre on the road.
We’re committed to providing a high level of service. From the education itself all the way through to customer service, and making sure our team gets to you on time.

With our expert teachers, we’re sure that we can help you be safer on the roads as a result of our training course. From our base in Stafford we can teach you or your employees in our own learning environment. We can also send out our highly experienced teachers to your location to provide high level training. So if you are concerned about roadside safety and truck tyre training, give us a call on 01785 855826 or email us now.

Course Aims:

To enable participants involved in truck tyre fitting a full understanding of tyre sizes and marking, tyre law, wheel removal and fitting, tyre fitting, tyre repairing, tyre re-grooving, identification of wheels and components to go with them. The person will be capable of meeting the industry standards by achieving a pass in both a theory and practical IMI test.

Course Content:

  • Pre and post course assessment
  • Health and Safety including Manual handling
  • Tyre sizes, load and speed markings
  • Tyre law
  • Raising/lowering vehicle safely
  • Removal/refitting tyres safely
  • Tyre removal/refitting
  • Tyre/tube repairs to BSUA159 Standard
  • Tyre Regrooving
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Theory test
  • Practical IMI test

Course Outcomes:

  • On completion of this course the participants will achieve the IMI award in truck tyre fitting.
  • Contributes towards the part completion of a module that forms part of the tyre fitting Apprenticeship
  • Certificated for CPD purposes
  • Covers elements of:-



Presentations, videos, professional discussion, workbook, handouts, tools, repair material, practical exercises, IMI knowledge test


Identified Training Centre or Agreed Venue


3 days – dependent upon content. See note.

No. of Candidates:

Maximum 6


This course can be completed using a distance learning pack followed by a 2 day course. Pease ask for details