Course Aims:

To enable participants involved in truck tyre fitting a full understanding of tyre sizes and marking, tyre law, wheel removal and fitting, tyre fitting, tyre repairing, tyre re-grooving, identification of wheels and components to go with them. The person will be capable of meeting the industry standards by achieving a pass in both a theory and practical IMI test.

Course Content:

  • Pre and post course assessment
  • Health and Safety including Manual handling
  • Tyre sizes, load and speed markings
  • Tyre law
  • Raising/lowering vehicle safely
  • Removal/refitting tyres safely
  • Tyre removal/refitting
  • Tyre/tube repairs to BSUA159 Standard
  • Tyre Regrooving
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Theory test
  • Practical IMI test

Course Outcomes:

  • On completion of this course the participants will achieve the IMI award in truck tyre fitting.
  • Contributes towards the part completion of a module that forms part of the tyre fitting Apprenticeship
  • Certificated for CPD purposes
  • Covers elements of:-



Flipcharts, Workbook, Handouts, Tools, Repair Material, Practical exercises, IMI testing


Identified Training Centre or Agreed Venue


3 days – dependent upon content. See note.

No. of Candidates:

Maximum 6


This course can be completed using a distance learning pack followed by a 2 day course. Pease ask for details